We help you leave a map,

not a mess,

so your loved ones can follow a clear path.

Estate planning allows you to communicate your decisions and wishes for your family and friends when you are no longer able to do so. It is never too early or too late to create a comprehensive plan for your loved ones. Whether you are buying your first house, having your first child or planning your retirement, creating thoughtful documents is always important. Give the gift of guidance to those you love so your family won't have to make the difficult decisions during stressful times. 

Your estate plan is composed of living documents, meaning they need to change as situations and circumstances in your life change. Our goal is to incorporate legal issues including estate tax concerns, trust administration, asset distribution and disability planning with the human, emotional side of life decisions. We help capture your voice and dreams as a lasting legacy. We specialize in estate planning, wealth transfer planning, estate and trust administration and charitable gifts with an emphasis on the care of children, including designating a guardians. We counsel clients on all aspects of trust and estate planning, including wealth transfer plans combined with the implementation of personal and financial goals.