We work with small and medium-sized organizations to reduce risk, increase alignment, and increase financial literacy.  

Small Business

Look out… your staff is your biggest asset.

An intelligent savings and investment plan can help you attract and retain the talent that is critical to your success.
  • We help you provide sustainable and responsible investment options within a 401k or IRAs, so your team's investments are more aligned with their values.
  • As an RIA, we have fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest. Fortune 500 companies are now being sued by employees because of the lack of transparency and high fees associated with broker commissions in 401k plans.
  • We’ll meet with your staff annually, explain their portfolio, and help them build financial and market acumen.


Face it... your investments could be working against your mission.

Investing your corpus wisely can maximize your impact and stabilize your operating expenses.
  • We advise small foundations in building investment portfolios that optimize financial performance to enable more giving, and ensure your investements are not working against your mission.
  • When we are managing your corpus investement, we act as your fidicusiary, and reduce the liability that Boards of Directors and Trustees traditionally hold.
  • We have extensive experience running foundations, and can support your leadership on an ongoing basis.

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