We empower clients to become active participants in their financial heath. Our collaborative planning process pairs experienced advice with technological innovation to help clients make informed decisions and build confidence in reaching their life goals. 



A long-term financial strategy is critical to reaching your financial objectives. This is why all our investment management clients benefit from financial planning services at no extra cost. The Principium Investments financial planning process is led by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with more than two decades of experience in helping clients plan for major financial demands such as paying for education or retirement and navigating through unexpected events such as divorce or illness.  

Our financial plans don't resemble voluminous documents that are outdated the minute they are finished. We know that a financial plan is only as good as it is current and use smart technology to ensure our plans are based on live data rather than assumptions and guesswork. We have invested in the most powerful financial planning software in the industry. Available only through financial advisory firms due to its advanced advisor-client collaboration features, this tool gives an organized, consolidated and up to date view of your entire financial picture as well as offers both goals-based and cash-flow based analyses and projections.


Our financial planning SYSTEM includes the following features:



Compiles all accounts, no matter where they are, in one view and includes additional inputs such as other assets including private equity, liabilities, income, insurance and more to show your full financial picture in one place. 


Designs different scenarios to see lifetime cash flows, demonstrate the effects of important decisions, and illustrate what if scenarios. 


Shows projected performance of current investment allocations going forward 20 years using 1000 Monte Carlo simulations. Calculates the probability and feasibility of success in meeting lifetime financial goals. 


Presents spending information from connected accounts in one easily categorized list to give a well-rounded view of your spending habits and allows you to create budgets for insights on how spending is impacting your long-term financial goals. To ensure privacy, spending details are only visible to clients, not advisors. 


Provides constant access to all your financial planning details and documents through one mobile interface that is protected by industry-leading security features such as 256-bit encryption and accessible from any computer, table or smart phone. To view a sample website click HERE

They may tack on an alphabet soup of letters after their names, but CFP (short for certified financial planner) is the most significant credential. A CFP has passed a rigorous test administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. A CFP credential is a good sign that a prospective planner will give sound financial advice.
— Wall Street Journal

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