Principium Investments, LLC, offers professional services to individuals, foundations, governments and companies to assist in mapping their values and ensuring alignment between such values and their investments efforts. 

We bring together diverse experience in metrics, economics, finance, sustainability and social innovation in support of our clients’ desires to ensure alignment between their investments efforts and their desired impact.

We work collaboratively with organizations to map values, identify impact metrics, expose misalignment between current and desired impact, and advise on options to resolve misalignment in asset management. 

Our Consulting Services

We work with clients on any single service or the full suite of offerings. Deliverables are suited to client needs, such as: retreats/workshops, reports, analytics and dashboard concept development.

Values Mapping

Comprehensive review of individual and organization values upon which the organization relies upon to drive activities and investments (public/private).

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics: Uncover desired ‘impact’ delivered by the organization’s activities, and provide a framework of metrics in which to evaluate activities / investments pre and post actions. This can include dashboard and reporting strategies.

Asset Review

Based on values and desired impact, evaluating gaps between existing asset allocation and desired state. Services include a suggested set of next steps to adjust asset allocation.

ASSET Allocation Advising

Advise on comprehensive asset allocation based on organization’s values and desired impact (e.g., public or private investing through ESG and sustainability lens)

Sample Engagements

Mid-Sized Foundation 

Host a retreat to ensure all board members, donation and investment managers gain alignment on the values of the organization and impact metrics in which to evaluate activities.


Venture Capital Firm

Utilize a workshop format to determine impact metrics, in direct collaboration with firm leadership, to be applied when screening both public and private investing.


Advise a business focused on sustainable living products on aligning 401K plan with its values and sustainable business practice leadership.

National Government

Advise on approach to increase government-funded impact investing including metrics and strategies for private investing / grant strategies.

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