We reinvest in community, both at home in Boulder, Colorado, and around the world, via philanthropic giving, impact investing, and volunteerism.

At Principium, we are directly involved with supporting positive impact in the world.  Our clients, by choosing us over multinational banks, increase our ability to positively affect the world, locally and globally.  As a team, we support several non-profits and social enterprises through board leadership, financial contributions and volunteerism. A notable portion of profits from Principium Investments go toward our non-profit arm, the Global Brain Foundation, co-founded by Principium leader Michael Tracy and his wife Natalia Vega-Berry. This creative agency develops innovative strategy and high-impact media for global partners. Since 2015, The Global Brain has been a strategic partner for the United Nations, developing events and promotion media that has supported the roll-out of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Paris Climate Agreement (developed as part of COP 21).  The Global Brain has become a trusted advisor to the UN’s Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, and President of the General Assembly.