Learn about our investment philosophy, models and portfolios below.


Principium Investments is a fee-only investment advisory firm providing investment management solutions that align our clients’ financial goals with their principles, compromising neither.

We avoid a full spectrum of risks ranging from conventional financial risks and including newer 21st C risks like avoiding exposure to carbon assets.  We provide our expertise on retirement plans, portfolios, private foundations, educational institutions and other advisory firms. We seek to deliver market-based financial and societal returns using publicly traded securities, mutual funds and ETFs. 

We put the interests of our clients first and tailor our advisory services to individual needs to ensure all of our clients are achieving their financial, environmental and social objectives.

We integrate 3 major investment pillars inside a proprietary investment framework that we have used to manage safe and resilient portfolios over the last 24 years – 1. Performance, 2. Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG), 3. Divest-Invest. 

Based on these pillars, we offer portfolios of publicly traded securities screened for both ESG and financial performance criteria. We also offer Divest/Invest process, divesting our portfolios of the carbon emitting energy companies, while also proactively investing in the best of the clean technology, clean supply chain and good governance innovators.

Our Investment Models

Our asset allocation models accommodate investors’ varying risk thresholds. The architecture of our matrices seeks to mimic the natural world, where everything is interrelated and interdependent. This design allows us to see the whole of money flows and continually adjust according to the economic, political and public awareness environments. 


Based on our investment philosophy, we offer portfolios of publicly traded securities screened for both ESG and financial performance. These portfolios are utilized in a number of services available to individuals, organizations and institutions. 

Clean Economy

Our purest set of portfolios with emphasis on Divest / Invest, primarily made up of highly rated ESG companies outside the fossil fuel industry and other negative impact companies and zero fossil mutual funds.

Responsible Economy

A balanced set of portfolios that capture investment returns associated with strong financial performance, the full range of asset classes and superior ESG performance. Restricted exposure to fossil fuels (< 10%).

Transition Economy

Our most performance driven set of portfolios, comprised of mutual funds that have outperformed peers and are committed to following the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.