We reinvest in community, both at home in Boulder, Colorado, and around the world, via philanthropic giving, impact investing, and volunteerism.

At Principium, we are directly involved with supporting positive impact in the world.  Our clients, by choosing us over multinational banks, increase our ability to positively affect the world, locally and globally.  As a team, we invest and donate company profits, personal earnings, and significant time, in several organizations.  In addition to supporting dozens of organizations through volunteerism and financial contributions, we take a more active role in four key entities:

This creative agency, co-founded by Natalia Vega-Berry and Principium leader Michael Tracy, develops innovative strategy and high-impact media for global partners.  Since 2015, The Global Brain has been a strategic partner for the United Nations, developing events and promotion media that has supported the roll-out of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Paris Climate Agreement (developed as part of COP 21).  The Global Brain has become a trusted advisor to the UN’s Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, and President of the General Assembly.  

Impact Hub Boulder, a hybrid community-development business, was co-founded by Principium Partner Greg Berry, and invested by Principal Michael Tracy and Advisory Board Chair Praful Shah.  Impact Hub Boulder runs an integrated co-working and event space that supports a diverse community of social entrepreneurs, change-makers, and impact investors.  Impact Hub Academy hosts diverse gatherings of social innovators in thematic areas developed from within the Impact Hub Boulder community.  We are a member and active contributor to the Impact Hub Association, a network of 85-plus Hubs in cities around the world.  

The Colorado chapter of the grassroots 350.org has the benefit of active guidance from Principium Director Irina Sedova as a working board member. 350 Colorado is the state's largest grassroots network focused on climate change solutions, including shifting to clean energy, promoting regenerative agriculture and protecting the environment. Given its role as a center for wilderness-based tourism, a national center for fossil-based and renewable energy, and a diverse and influential congressional delegation, 350 Colorado is an important bellwether in a movement for a healthy future.

The Unreasonable Institute supports young, globally distributed entrepreneurs who are striving to make a positive impact on at least 1 million lives.  To date, the Institute has served hundreds of entrepreneurs, who have served nearly 10 million people in over 60 countries.  They have catalyzed nearly $100 million worth of funding, all in the seven years they have been in operation.  Michael Tracy, Greg Berry, and Praful Shah have all been deeply active as advisors, investors, donors and promoters of the Institute’s work, especially in the early years, as they developed what has become a strong momentum.