We provide philanthropic advisory services and investment vehicles to convert and multiply charitable capital into impact investing.

Principium Charitable, a non-profit 501(c)3, exists to create vehicles that facilitate more capital being invested to support social enterprises, triple-bottom line businesses, and income generating ventures for non-profits. We work with donors and partners to build strategies focused on positive impact using both grant dollars and investment dollars. The primary vehicle utilized by the charity is Donor Advised Funds ("DAFs").

A Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals. To participate in a donor advised fund, a donating individual or organization opens an account in the fund and deposits cash, securities, or other financial instruments. They surrender ownership of anything they put in the fund, but retain control over how their account is invested, and how it distributes money to charities.

Principium Charitable holds 100% of its investments in screened or impact-focused investments in both the public and private markets.  We work with individual businesses, impact focused funds, and our Registered Investment Advisor partner(s) to deploy capital within donor advised funds to entities creating meaningful impact across the full spectrum of the US and global economy.

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We ensure that all of the capital in donor advised funds is utilized to reflect the donors’ values and to help create the impact and transformation they want to see in the world. While Principium Charitable’s defining focus is impact investing, donor advised funds with Principium Charitable can continue to be utilized as a source for traditional grant funding to eligible organizations.  

Matching Assets with Impact

Principium Charitable has developed relationships with impact-focused investment funds to help facilitate moving charitable dollars into these types of funds.  Outside of direct cash contributions, there are three possible paths to bringing charitable assets into an impact-focused fund:

  • Existing Donor Advised Funds: Principium Charitable reviews the recommended impact focused fund for investment approval from the charity’s accounts. Certain review and administrative fees apply.
  • Existing Investments: Donors with existing investments in impact focused funds or direct investments contribute their shares into a Principium Charitable donor advised fund as a tax-deductible contribution in that tax year.
  • New Investments: Donors make new investments in impact focused funds or direct investments and then contribute their shares into a Principium Charitable donor advised fund as a tax deductible contribution in that tax year.